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It all starts with a drawing ...
Made by us with the help of our optician designer, to make our models unique with extreme precision in each of its lines.

Then comes the careful choice of noble materials, produced by the famous Mazzucchelli factory, world leader since 1849 in the manufacture of acetate.
Selected by us according to their color and the emotion they inspire, acetate sheets are a natural and biodegradable material made up of cotton flowers and wood celluloses. Their particularity is exceptional quality, exemplary solidity and breathtaking beauty.

Our frames have quality lenses that meet the most demanding international standards. They include an anti-reflective and anti-scratch system that allows high protection of the retina.

At the heart of the workshop, in the Jura, ancestral cradle of French eyewear, we work hand in hand with our master craftsmen, nurturing a relationship of trust based on the love of a job well done.

From the sketch to the mount, 76 stages or nearly 150 hours of work will follow one another to bring the Lazuli to life.

Atelier Lazuli eyewear.
French craftsmanship in the heart of the Jura massif.

A noble material .

Mazzucchelli cellulose acetate.

-Renewable plant material without petroleum


-Lightweight and comfortable

-Superior resistance

-Brilliant color

-Hand polished with no varnish added


Quality glasses.
Optimal visibility in all circumstances.

-Maximum UV protection

-Anti-scratch treatment

-Anti-reflection internal face

- Organic glass

-Reduction of eye fatigue

-Category 2 and 3

- Gradient and smoked glass

-Easy to clean

- Glasses adaptable to the view

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